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Monday, 16 May 2011

Life 2- I am just like you....

I was looking through some of my shots and thought I would share some of my son Jesse's year 10 formal photos. Well that's pretty ordinary you might say- but he's not just any ordinary guy- he's the best, funkiest teen, full of love and life, loves bike riding, x-box, dvd's, movies, hanging with family and friends, cooking a bbq and heading to the beach. Huh? isn't that what all teens are into? Sure! the one and only difference- Jesse has DownSyndrome an intellectual disability (although i hate the term). This was nearly two years ago now but I was reminded that although there are some very closed minded individuals in the world there are still some gems out there. We wanted Jesse to experience his formal like all the other teens at his school- get dressed up, and arrive in a hot rod. I started to ring companies that hire cars and the first phone call the guy on the other end of the phone said- I don't do that any more- what is it for? I told him it was for the formal and mentioned about my son- so touched by our story he said that he still had his cars and would love to take Jesse free of charge for a ride and then on to the formal- he gave him the option of picking which ever car he liked and the owner/driver even got all dressed up with double breasted suit and fedora hat! As a mum I was given so much joy and if only a picture could have captured the cool look on Jesse's face and the surprise on all the teachers and kids when he arrived and stepped out of the car! However, I was having a sook and couldn't click quick enough to capture that look!

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Capturing Love- Rachelle's Wedding-

Love was in abundance at the wedding of my friend Rachelle. When I photograph weddings I try to get the essence of the day, the love, the venue, the feel. Candid shots of guests, the happiness the hugs. There were so many shots I loved from this day that I tried to cull it down to just a few of my all time fav's. You will no doubt see my love of feet and hands, evident here in this snap shot of the day. One of my absolute favourite shots is titled 'waiting for a hug' and it is the shot of Rachelle's nanna waiting to hug her- her delicate chrystal ear-ring blowing in the breeze. I am sure I am probably so misunderstood but I just love this- its like the ear-ring is suspended in time until nanna gets her hug. The location- beautiful greenfields beach in Jervis Bay NSW- the day scorchingly hot and terrible really for photography everyone had sunglasses on or were squinting and I think I got a touch of heat stroke after the photoshoot. When we got back to the reception I was beat but what a day. To see two people who love eachother so much come together and to see the joy, happiness and thrill on their faces all day!!! I got to record that moment in time and I was truly honoured and blessed to have done so.

Capturing Love

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Winter Portraits- It could be Pont des Arts France !!!

I was just flicking through Carla Coulsons blog and loving her portraits and when I checked out her winter portraits in Paris they reminded me of these shots I took of Ruby and Curtis last winter. It could be a bridge in France (but it's not!) I could only dream so... instead its at the Lady Denman Museum grounds in the beautifully stunning Jervis Bay on the south coast of nsw where I live. Who could resist a gorgeous tweed coat and baker boy cap, scarves and hunting cap. The day was a very sunny winter day (still cold though) and the light on the water was great. We were celebrating the opening of the bi-annual winter arts festival of which my teenage daughter and I had works in two of the exhibitions- so a special day all round. I love these shots- I can only aspire to be as good one day as some of my photographic heroes such as Carla Coulson, Henri- Cartier Bresson, Max Dupain to name a few. Go check out Carla's Blog (the link is at the end of my profile) she does some amazing work- and the locations soooo unbelieveable.