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Friday, 28 December 2012

A taste of Sydney


This last week my family and I have spent time in Portmaquarie with my husbands' parents and brother. It is an 8hr drive from where we live and passes through Sydney. We have a favouite resturant to visit when in Sydney that I can highly recomend for taste and value for money- It doesn'y look like much from the outside and is in an ordinary part of Punchbowl opposite the station- but if you love Lebanese food you just have to go here. We can't go past the mixed plate which has an array of dips, salads, bread, and grilled/marinated meats, kibbeh and falafel- really to die for. We can't get this kind of food where we live so we make it ourselves at home but what a treat to have it cooked for you! Two doors down is a Lebanese mixed business with fresh produce out front and so many amazing jars, tins and packets of the most incredible stuff at reasonable prices. I got a huge jar of marinated, stuffed baby eggplant for $10. So if visiting Sydney or if you live there and want to experience a food sensation you can't go past Jasmin 1 resturant. xxCorrina.

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