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Friday, 6 September 2013

For all you food lovers

A very un-eventful day as my son Curtis battled fevers and cold symtoms so had to take him to the local Medcin (Dr). We did venture into Cahors for an icecream and as the temp rose to 33 degrees until about 6 or 7pm we felt salad was the order of the day. Here are some pics of todays spoils. The Camembet was 500gm and cost about $5 Australian and the brie was even cheaper! Bread from Boulanger round the corner and beautiful fresh salad and prccutio ham.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

We thought we would never get here

Hi all as the title suggests it was a extraordinary journey. Left Sydney 9.55pm Monday night and flew via Hong Kong with a 4 hr wait before going on to Paris arriving Tuesday 5pm France time but 1am Wednesday Aussie time. We then hopped into our hire car and drove out of Paris to out house in Catus which took much longer than the 5 hrs it was supposed to as getting out of Paris was a right nightmare! We arrived at 1.30 this morning (Wed here) after over 30hrs of travelling. Woke up to beautiful weather at least 28 degrees all day even at 7pm tonight it was warm. We stayed in Catus to day to recover and only ventured short distances by foot to the Boulanger for our bread and boucherie for some meat for dinner (which he minced in front of us- none of that pre-packaged crap).
Not much photography today I could barely string a bonjour together let alone be creative!
Here are some shots of our house and village and a couple of Ruby and Curtis.
xx Corrina

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Up, Up and away

It's that time of the year for us when we have months of saving, planning and dreaming come to fruition in a wonderful trip through France. This year we will re-visit some favorites (who can resist Paris!) and check out some places we have never been. The kids are very excited and we have our oldest son coming with us this time for his first time in Europe as an adult. I will endeavour where time and internet coverage allows to post some highlights of our journey. We look forward to warmer weather and fine food, with a touch of history, romance and sheer beauty. xx CorrinaPosted by Picasa