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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Typewriters and bakelite phones

I don't really know why but I just love old bakelite phones and old typewriters, maybe its the echo to the past. I had forgotten until I spent a weekend with my grandmother recently that my grandfather was a typewriter mechanic so I must have memories deeply buried in my brain of those fascinating machines and watching him work on them at home- even using them... I love the sound they make and the typeset as it lands on the paper. There is no delete button here so be sure about what you are writing or you will lose half a forest in paper or have to use white out to fix any errors. Last year I came across an old black bakelite phone in a vintage shop in Berry on the NSW south coast- of course it doesn't work but I just love it and have used it when doing portrait shoots- looks especialy cute with children. Then just before Christmas I was in a vintage shop in Milton (also on the south coast) where I scored my very own typewriter! I haven't had time to fiddle with the ribbons and a few of the keys stick when you press them, however, I just love it- my hubby thinks I have a weird obsesion and maybe I do- but I have visions one day of having a formal office with an antique table and my typewriter and phone, some old books perhaps and a funky pencil tin to set up an atmosphere for creativity- then maybe I'll write a book!! xxCorrina.