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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Little Paris Kitchen

I am so excited about the new cooking show with a twist now airing in Australia on SBS on Thursday nights.
The wonderful Rachel Kwoo cooks up a storm in her minuscule kitchen in Paris (all authentic!). Due to lack of space and a desire to tweak ever so slightly the traditional French fare, she comes up with amazing dishes anyone can make at home- big or small kitchens alike.
Her eclectic sense of style and love for food and ingredients makes it a delight to watch- while  Paris turns on all its charms in the stunning imagery that can only evoke those moments that dreams are made of.
Celebrating her first anniversary since the publication of her book 'The Little Paris Kitchen" Rachel is holding a give away that I am only too happy to promote- go here

Hope you all enjoy a look over on her foodie blog xx Corrina.