Copyright Corrina Tough 2011

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tale of a dancer part 1

                                  Copyright Corrina Tough 2012

I know... I am a little biassed when it comes to my own babies but how beautiful is my Ruby? I must brag about the others next time but here is the first of two installments on a photoshoot with Ruby in her new outfit from Tutu du Monde. One of her chrissie presents. How devine is the beading on the top and the skirt is something else- so delicate and the perfect shade of shell pink. Ruby wanted to wear her ballet headband and shoes. The vest on the chair is from pumpkin patch a few years ago. Its so cute Ruby can still wear it but not for much longer. Pics were taken on location in our dining room! Doesn't it look gorgeous! xxCorrina.
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