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Friday, 3 February 2012

Momentus day momentus year

                                       Copyright Corrina Tough 2012

Hi all, today was a momentus and very emotional day as I sent my youngest child Curtis for his first day of kindergarten at school. This week has been huge with my seven year old going back to school on Monday- however we changed schools so first day at a new school. My son Jesse (19) started his transition to work program as he has finished school. This is for people who are disabled or disadvantaged and is a wonderful start for him. Finally, my daughter Phoebe (19) was accepted into Uni and we have spent the week emailing, filling in forms, organising accomodation etc etc. So in three weeks my oldest baby will be moving out of home!! How much can a mother take! Anyhow, back to Curtis- he has been hanging out for school for nearly 2 yrs and was so excited to finally go. He is extremely happy and had a wonderful start to his first day. I got lots of cute pics of him in his uniform - needless to say this is one of my favs- I love my little darling and will miss his company immensely. He is continuing on his journey of learning and it's very exciting. xxCorrina
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