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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

No 7- Tea Anyone?

No 7- Tea Anyone?- Whenever my brother in-law and his wife visit from London we take them to one of our favourite places- a little town called Berry. About 40mins drive from my place, its full of historic buildings, antiques, homewares, clothing, art, toys...... A new shop called The Berry Tea Shop opened a year or two ago, and is the closest thing to a tea salon for miles. The atmosphere is devine- you always feel like you've stepped into another world where everything goes a bit slower and tea is taken like a ritual. They have really nailed it here- the menu consists of extensive range of teas and if you must diverge they'll do plunger coffee. You'll find a small but gorgeous range of cakes/biscuits/scones which are housed in glass cloches on a table up the back. I find this adds to the stress free environment as sometimes in cafes you end up with a headache trying to choose. When served you are delivered a delightful brew in your own individual pot with an antique cup amnd saucer. Whilst you wait you can peruse the store for all the tea and cake paraphernalia you might need to make the perfect brew. Whilst you sip you will be soothed by some Billy Holiday or Ella Fitsgerald which adds to the experience of living in a slower era. To top it off the hosts/owners clearly love what they do and have a true gift of hospitality. You'll feel replenished if you visit here. Berry is 2hrs south of Sydney. Its worth the trip! xx Corrina.
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