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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Life- decorating using textures

I often get complements on my decorating style in my home. One of the things I love to work with is textures- something we desperately need as we humans are tactile beings. Hugs, a warm fluffy rug, grainy sand between our toes, smooth tiles... Our homes can become sensual havens if we become aware of the textures around us in nature and the manmade world, we can replicate those things in our furnishings and accesories. Some examples are wood, ceramics, stainless steel, wool, cotton, linen, woven baskets, sisal, loofah, pumice, soft towels, rope, jute string, brown paper, marble, worn wooden spoons and cutting boards, cast iron, slate, floorboards, glass bottles, pebbles, driftwood, coir, teracotta, blistered/peeling paint,plaster, distemper paint,bristle brushes.... the list could go on. My first port of call to look to nature and other things in my world to be inspired for decorating my home. Here are a few shots to get your juices flowing.xCorrina

Decorating using texture

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