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Friday, 19 April 2013

Senlis Cathedral France

Senlis is a beautiful village about 40mins from Paris. My only disappointment was we were only able to stay one night. We stayed in the ancient part of Senlis which is choc full of cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, beautiful cafes, patisseries and tea salons. One of the highlights is Senlis's version of Notre Dame Cathedral complete with gargoyles and amazing stainglass windows.
The town of Senlis is famous for an artist ' Seraphine' who unfortunately went into an asylum and died before she truly saw the fame of her art. Her art was inspired by the the windows in the cathedral and is truly amazing. The image below was taken inside the cathedral, here you sit on french rush seated chairs, surrounded by stunning stain glass windows and solid stone pillars, a place of peaceful repose and truly beautiful workmanship. Senlis is a real must if you are visiting France and are near or in Paris, A two day stay would be ideal

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