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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Monet' house and Garden and Moulin Buchet

Yesterday Shanes nerves were shot as we drove in our hire car out of Paris- once on the motor way it all settled down and we headed to beautiful Giverny. First stop a little place near Vernon where I was able to practice my French in a charcuterie and a boulangerie to buy some gorgeous salami, pate, salads, baguette and tarts for our picnic. I could surprisingliy converse with people and I was very proud. Then to Giverny and I was in such awe of the place- the images speak for them selves. It was a balmy 27 degrees with perfect blue skies. We then arrived at Moulin Buchet (an ancient mill converted to guest accomodation with resturant. We sampled our first real french dinner as up until now we have crashed to early to eat dinner. Did I say I don't want to come home??? We tasted a series of dishes from aperitf to desert, each mouthful was a sensory pleaseure. xxCorrina.
More pics to come......  All images copyright Corrina Tough 2012

Paris- Saint Germain first 2 days

Our first two days have already been extraordinary. Arrived 6.30 am Wed 5th Sep and after getting to our hotel and having a small rest we walked for only 2 mins to the gorgeous Jardin du Luxembourg. How devine a place like an oasis in a city, where it seemed all of France were here eating, jogging, conversing and enjoying the serenity. Here where children play with antique wooden sail boats on the large pond as they have done for many years- I recall a photo by Henri- Cartier Bresson of a boy leaning in to push his boat and I think its dated 1930. To see our children run with French children as they try to catch their boats and push with sticks. The gardens and palace- what can I say? Our second day we walked to Jardin du Plantes- again wow! We walked the parc and visited the small zoo that resides in the parc and then headed to the turn of the century building that houses a natural museum and childrens museum, to see huge dinsour bones, preserved animals and much about the environment. Just the building alone was mind boggling. We also walked the narrow cobbled streets and discovered a wonderful toy shop and every step of the way is like something our of a movie or novel. If we weren't in love before we are truly smitten now. Below are a sample of pics from our first two days. Tune in next time for todays adventure- we're off to Giverny to visit Monet's house and garden. xxCorrina

Monday, 3 September 2012

Vive la France

Were off to France follow the Toughs as they journey arround - keep the comments coming. follow me, and subscribe by email so you get the posts sent toyu lods of love Corrina.