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Monday, 8 October 2012

Paris- a city of creativity, history, and culture

The French do life so well- and no different in Paris,  I mean even though everyone seems to be running underground to get on the metro it seems above ground they walk with a saunter. Flanner is the term used for one who strolls and they certainly have their own way of doing it- love it! Cafe culture has a new meanig here where even French children know how to manage a wine glass of juice even though they look like they still wear nappies, and generally the kids are pretty laid back in cafes. Fashion is amazing here- they do street wear to a -T- and the most desirable accessorie is a scarf- we've seen many forms of scarf tieing and many patterns and styles- the most common I saw was neautral clothing like black, tan, denim and leather worn with a bright or decorative scarf! Food on the run??? Not normally but many do eat croissants and baguettes on the go, I am sure the next meal will be languished in a cafe or bistro somewhere with friends. On the subject of food if a Parisienne finds a place they like they will line up until they get a table even at 10pm!! Here are some more pics of the next few days in Paris.....xxCorrina.
                                                  All photos copyright Corrina Tough 2012

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Paris life as a Parisienne

Well our trip has been so amazing- there is about a week or so of places that I will post on when I get home- instead I will update you on our lives as Parisians. We are staying in the Marais district a very arty, creative and old part of Paris. We have a gorgeous renovated apartment overlooking the street below with little resturants and art galleries. From here it is an easy stroll to a metro station which takes you really anywhere in central Paris or to other forms of travel. Day one of sight seeing we hopped on a car rouges (red open top bus) and sat to enjoy all the sights from the comfort of a bus- working out where we would stop- you can hop on and off all day so its a great foot saver! Paris is so devine and certainly hasn't disappionted us! Here are some of my favourite pics from the first few days. xxCorrina
                                         All Photos copyright Corrina Tough 2012