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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My time in The Pyrenees Atlantique

Pau Castle and view


View of Pyrenees- Pau   

View of Pyrenees- Pau      

Fountain Pau         

Nun and friend San Sebastian Spain    

Street Biarritz  

Restuarant Biarritz

Antiques Biarritz      



Pau Cathedral stain glass       

Pau street scene     

Fountain at Pau       

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How do I summarize this amazing place? Situated close to the French/Spanish border on one side, Pyrenees and Skiing and Biarritz on the Atlantique coast (just to name a few) you are really spoilt for choice. I was staying in a little village a few kms from the town of Navarrenx, Salies de bearn and about 25kms from the larger city of Pau.  The mountains are picturesque and I am very much in love with Biarritz- I enjoyed an amazing seafood dinner on the beach at Biarritz whilst the sun set over the ocean! Time in Spain at San Sebastian and plenty of gourmet meals made by moi! Markets divine, cathedrals, stain glass, castles, rain, sunshine and so much more! Fitting to say quiet tired by the time it was time to move on. xx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

France week 2- The Gers Region


All images copyright Corrina Tough Photography 2013
Our second week was in the Gers Region, we stayed in the incredible village of Larressingle which is les plus Beaux villages de France. The castle sits up on a hill and our gite sat across the road- pic no 5 is a view of the castle from our backyard! How can I summarize the Gers week? Medieval villages, Cathedrals, Abbayes, art exhibitions, the Three Musketeers, Castles, Armagnac vineyards and tastings, food glorious food, markets, camp siege medieval weaponry park, gardens, sunflowers........... One day we were driving to Abbaye de Flaran and we were travelling at top speed on a highway when out of a field of sunflowers comes roaring toward us like a torpedo the largest wild boar - as big as a cow! His face had the determination of a man on a mission and although as it was happening our heart was in our mouths, later on I had visions of a farmer with a gun shooting at the boar and him running for his life and almost meeting his end on the front end of our car! All said I think it would have done some serious damage to our car! The little kittens were discovered playing together in a cafe within the castle walls at Larressingle- they were really cute- hiding under the tablecloth and surprising eachother- Ruby was in cat heaven! The scenery  in the Gers was quite beautiful and it has been dubbed the French Tuscany- a truly gorgeous part of the French countryside. xx Corrina

Friday, 1 November 2013

Saint Emilion a short visit


All images copyright Corrina Tough Photography 2013
Saint Emilion has always been on my radar for a visit and when I read a post by a friend the lovely Millie Brown from Travel Notecards I was definitely convinced to make the effort to visit this amazing village. We were heading to the Gers region and it was sort of on our way and I must say it was well worth the detour. Actually I would love to stay for a few days! Hugged by vineyards this ancient town is complete with cobbled streets and the most incredible underground monolithic church which was started by Saint Emilion. Renowned for its beautiful wines,  I highly recommend  a visit. I had so many photos to choose from- here are just a few to whet your appetite. xxPosted by Picasa

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Week one continued- the rest of the Midi Pyrenees

Hello all the first week of our trip in France was so full of beauty and gorgeous food, mountain top village of Saint Cirqu Lapopie, rivers, markets and that oh, so French fairy tale setting that is the Midi Pyrenees Region. My favorite bridge in the town of Cahors which also boasts grape vines in the town near the bridge. We went to tiny villages like Lherm and Catus where we stayed. We roamed cobbled streets, ate way too much cheese and bread but it was countered by the beautiful salads we made from fresh local produce and oh the sweetest strawberries and melon and the tomatoes!! Heavenly! and did I mention the cheeses and bread!! You get the picture.
All images Copyright Corrina Tough Photography 2013.