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Sunday, 3 November 2013

France week 2- The Gers Region


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Our second week was in the Gers Region, we stayed in the incredible village of Larressingle which is les plus Beaux villages de France. The castle sits up on a hill and our gite sat across the road- pic no 5 is a view of the castle from our backyard! How can I summarize the Gers week? Medieval villages, Cathedrals, Abbayes, art exhibitions, the Three Musketeers, Castles, Armagnac vineyards and tastings, food glorious food, markets, camp siege medieval weaponry park, gardens, sunflowers........... One day we were driving to Abbaye de Flaran and we were travelling at top speed on a highway when out of a field of sunflowers comes roaring toward us like a torpedo the largest wild boar - as big as a cow! His face had the determination of a man on a mission and although as it was happening our heart was in our mouths, later on I had visions of a farmer with a gun shooting at the boar and him running for his life and almost meeting his end on the front end of our car! All said I think it would have done some serious damage to our car! The little kittens were discovered playing together in a cafe within the castle walls at Larressingle- they were really cute- hiding under the tablecloth and surprising eachother- Ruby was in cat heaven! The scenery  in the Gers was quite beautiful and it has been dubbed the French Tuscany- a truly gorgeous part of the French countryside. xx Corrina

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