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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Oh what a feeling!!

Hi All, sorry about my absence but life has just been dealing me a few doozies! I am having a little blog-cation while I spend time with my family and attending to their needs. The above image was taken a couple of months ago when my gorgeous daughter Phoebe got her "p" licence, after quite a few attempts and fails, she has also just finished her first semester of a Visual Arts  degree at University which I have spent many hours helping her with assignments (how to tackle those dreaded essays that are so ambiguous!!) She has done extremely well and is getting some great marks especially for her artworks. The next week or so she finishes her final artworks and hands them in and then this semester is done and dusted. My 5 yr old Curtis started drum lessons and both Curtis and Ruby are doing weekly swimming lessons. Our house has been a little neglected the last few years so my husband is madly re-painting timber work and looking at those overgrown gardens, while I work on tackling all the inside stuff and doing a major spring clean - in winter!! We have had so much rain this year in Australia and I have noticed a bit of mould appearing around the place- apparently oil of cloves mixed with water kills mould spores so that is my goal next week. I will be slowing down on the blogging while we attend to a few things and so far have enjoyed a blog-cation. Keep those lovely comments coming I love to know you're out there- reading me and I'll check in again soon xxxCorrina.