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Friday, 27 January 2012

The weekend and the unmade bed

I love perusing decorating blogs, magazines and books. All those beautifully styled rooms with everything just so. It does pressure you sometimes to feel like you need to have everything just so in your own home. I have four children and this is probably not the kind of pressure I need. I do feel like I can think straight if my house is tidy, dishes done and bed made. I love my bedroom- it always feels like a beautiful b&b to me and each time I have to go in there I feel like I am on holidays. But come the weekend and unless visitors are coming I like to give myself a break. I woke up last weekend and went about making pancakes for everyone, when I went into my room to make the bed I saw the beauty in its unmade form. The light was just hitting the bed so beautifully throught the leadlight windows. I decided this is beauty too, even some of the masters of the art world have captured the unmade bed as a still life. Here is my version. Go ahead- let yourself go this weekend- leave your bed unmade! It is liberating. xxCorrina.
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