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Monday, 8 October 2012

Paris- a city of creativity, history, and culture

The French do life so well- and no different in Paris,  I mean even though everyone seems to be running underground to get on the metro it seems above ground they walk with a saunter. Flanner is the term used for one who strolls and they certainly have their own way of doing it- love it! Cafe culture has a new meanig here where even French children know how to manage a wine glass of juice even though they look like they still wear nappies, and generally the kids are pretty laid back in cafes. Fashion is amazing here- they do street wear to a -T- and the most desirable accessorie is a scarf- we've seen many forms of scarf tieing and many patterns and styles- the most common I saw was neautral clothing like black, tan, denim and leather worn with a bright or decorative scarf! Food on the run??? Not normally but many do eat croissants and baguettes on the go, I am sure the next meal will be languished in a cafe or bistro somewhere with friends. On the subject of food if a Parisienne finds a place they like they will line up until they get a table even at 10pm!! Here are some more pics of the next few days in Paris.....xxCorrina.
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  1. Hi Corrina,
    WOW looks like you have had the most magical trip so so happy for you! I am sure you adored France and absorbed the culture so much happening for all the senses...Had a quick brownse through your photo journey looks like yo visited some beautiful areas and stayed in some lovely places. I had wondered where you had been I actually could not log onto your site for a while but great you are back xx
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes Carla x

  2. Hi Corrina, Katie here from Closed for Lunch... I received your comment and have emailed you back. You have captured some lovely photo's of Paris... France is a very photogenic country! Hope you had a lovely time :)