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Friday, 6 September 2013

For all you food lovers

A very un-eventful day as my son Curtis battled fevers and cold symtoms so had to take him to the local Medcin (Dr). We did venture into Cahors for an icecream and as the temp rose to 33 degrees until about 6 or 7pm we felt salad was the order of the day. Here are some pics of todays spoils. The Camembet was 500gm and cost about $5 Australian and the brie was even cheaper! Bread from Boulanger round the corner and beautiful fresh salad and prccutio ham.

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  1. Hi Corrina. I hope Curtis is feeling better very quickly.The house where you are staying looks wonderful, I love the blue shutters.You certainly had a long journey. Enjoy it all, especially the cheese! Sharon X