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Monday, 16 May 2011

Capturing Love- Rachelle's Wedding-

Love was in abundance at the wedding of my friend Rachelle. When I photograph weddings I try to get the essence of the day, the love, the venue, the feel. Candid shots of guests, the happiness the hugs. There were so many shots I loved from this day that I tried to cull it down to just a few of my all time fav's. You will no doubt see my love of feet and hands, evident here in this snap shot of the day. One of my absolute favourite shots is titled 'waiting for a hug' and it is the shot of Rachelle's nanna waiting to hug her- her delicate chrystal ear-ring blowing in the breeze. I am sure I am probably so misunderstood but I just love this- its like the ear-ring is suspended in time until nanna gets her hug. The location- beautiful greenfields beach in Jervis Bay NSW- the day scorchingly hot and terrible really for photography everyone had sunglasses on or were squinting and I think I got a touch of heat stroke after the photoshoot. When we got back to the reception I was beat but what a day. To see two people who love eachother so much come together and to see the joy, happiness and thrill on their faces all day!!! I got to record that moment in time and I was truly honoured and blessed to have done so.

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