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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Something a little different

Hi all, I've been out and about doing lots of photography and I thought I would do a series with a difference-
I love the sculptural element of a city's architecture as well as its people and goings on. It really fascinates me, especially as I live in a rural/coastal part of Australia which has it's own beauty too. The city is a real contrast for me so over the next few weeks I'd like to share what my eyes and heart found, focused and captured.

               Industrial lights outside Entertainment Centre Sydney
                                       Monorail Haymarket

                                Monorail Haymarket


  1. Corrina, I didn't know you were a photographer! Just discovering your blogs! How delightful! xo Maria

    1. Thanks Maria, so kind. I have had about a month of not posting and getting posts on my facebook pages- nice to be back in blogland. xx Corrina.