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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Secrets of a successful dinner party part 1

Last Friday was my husbands birthday and it got me to thinking what is the recipe for a successful dinner party? Is it the music? the food?the table? We decided to have an intimate dinner party with just our children and one other couple so I could really go to town on the table and food. I thought I would do a little mini- series on my tips and tricks for a beautiful evening. This time I'll focus on the table, anyone who knows me well knows I love white and I have a few well worn white damask table cloths, however, none of them fit my huge dining table 3metres long x  1.5-2mtres wide. So you can imagine my delight when I was travelling around France last year I had a week in Provence and picked up a stunning 3mtre white Belgian linen cloth with 15 napkins! This was the first time I had laid it on the table after coming home and it did take my breath away.  Firstly, I try to use the best I have- it doesn't have to match you can tie it together with a neutral background and this is why I love white table cloths as they go with any china, candles/flowers and room styles. If I want to be less formal my table stays naked (natural wood). For a truly beautiful and smooth look iron linen on a hot iron and lay the table straight away- alternatively always iron and fold after washing so it's ready for the next time. I make sure the sides are hanging evenly and the chairs are slightly ajar from the table so the cloth falls nicely.  Voila! ready to lay the china! Stay tuned for part two- Table decorations.
I hear you saying- WHITE!!! What about stains? I have had fairly positive success with Sards Wonder Oxy Plus stain remover sprayed on stains and left over night, then soak in the washing machine with nappysan and warm water. It came out perfectly. One napkin had chocolate on it and I repeated the process to a result. Red wine came out immediately. xxCorrina 
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