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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 4- Flavigny- sur- Ozerain

After leaving Giverny we make our way to the Burgandy region and the small village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain where the film chocolat was made. We drove through some amazing villages on the way and so the first few images may not be that great as they were taken through the car windscreen whilst driving. Then as we drove up an incline when we reached the top the view looking down over Flavigny was breath taking. This is the image in the opening scene of the film. Once in the village we were astounded at the ancient houses, the gothic church and Abbey and the rural back drop. My camera went into overdrive and it will be hard to pick the shots also we were here for two days so I'll give you a day 1 and 2. We stayed in an old convent and the owners ancestors had liveed in this village since the 1600's. Part of the house had been burnt during the revolution when the nuns had to sell off sections of the convent to people who made homes out it. The view from our rooms looked down over the village vege patch and the very one the priest is working on in the film chocolat. xxCorrina.

Flavigny- sur Ozerain view from top of hill
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