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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Goodbye summer part one

It is well and truly into Autumn now in Australia and I am feeling sad to say goodbye to summer. Summer is so special in my part of the world. I took the above pic of my gorgeous neice taking a dive into the pool on a family Christmas get together we take every year. Our family is too big now to spend xmas day together, so we rent a farm in Kangaroo Valley (NSW). The property boasts two houses with in ground pools, farm animals on about 250 acres. Our claim to fame is that Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman stayed here to train to ride horses for the movie "Australia" how cool is that! It is getting cold now- the dressing gown is on at night and in the morning and I am seriously thinking we need an extra blanket on the bed. I do like the fire though and the cozy clothes and furnishings that come with Autumn and winter. See more pics of summer in part 2 coming soon xxCorrina.
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  1. Fun plug on blog today! Hope all is well down there! We are just heading into summer!!!