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Tuesday, 7 February 2012



                                                    succulents and conifer

                                                          Peacock feather


                                                   race on the lawn

                                                             Mulberry tree

                                                               Carlton Ware

                                                     Water plants in pond

                                                       Historical building

                                                         feather boa

                                                    butterfly magic

                                                           peeling paint


                               All images copyright Corrina Tough 2012
Cool, calm, green represents growth, new life, fresh, food... Sometimes it hides in the background but it makes other colours pop! It can be subtle, rustic, vibrant, electric, olive, lime, pale and bright. I had to stop to think about green today. Here as the gentle rain washes the earth and everything green seems clean and bright. I trauled through my photo archives to find anything green that I could share with you. What do you think about green?xxxCorrina.
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  1. Corrina,

    These greens are beautiful and make me yearn for spring! The only outdoor greens around here are my lettuces, spinach, and English peas!
    I'm guessing right now that your potager is full of delicious edibles!


    1. Thanks Mandy, this is last season's crop we have had bad weather this summer and been too busy to garden- everything is water logged and not ripening! I have a beautiful fig tree full of fruit that just won't ripen- very frustrating.xxCorrina.