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Monday, 16 January 2012

Tale of a dancer part 2

                                    Copy right Corrina Tough 2012

                              I just love to dance- even dream of it......

                                  Will you come dance with me?

                                                 today at 4pm?

                                                   Just give me a call....

The devine miss Ruby calls a friend to come and dance a dream ballet. Wear your prettiest tutu and ballet shoes,
"Some people move our souls to dance" (Anon) that's what you do for me dear friend. Please come- lets dance together to our favourite music. When was the last time you really let go and moved to a special piece of music- like a child with no inhibitions? Wait til you're alone, put on your favourite piece of music and dance your heart out- it feels sooo good. My favourite at the moment is 'Caravan' the last track on the soundtrack to the movie Chocolat. Even better if you're in the arms of the one you love.xxxCorrina. click the link below to hear caravan.
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