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Thursday, 17 November 2011

No 3-le jardin

What to show the in-laws from the uk. No 3- le jardin
My garden is fragrant and flowerful, I love it at this time of year. It needs some tenderloving care but it still pays me in lavender and roses and birdlife. The front is rambling and cottage style, the back has a series of garden rooms, secret garden, fruit trees, potager, chookyard... We love sitting on the back deck for alfresco eating while visited by black cocatoos, rosellas, bowerbirds, finches... and the best is brekky on the deck- stop and breathe and plan the rest of the day. Perhaps which beach to go to or a trip to some boutiques for retail therapy and a cappuccino. Yep, its a must we have to share our space here- here is where we are, how we live, what we enjoy, kids laughing, birds singing, chooks running around xx Corrina.
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  1. Snap Corrina - Jacarandas abound at present. Love the photo of the gate.