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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sing about Spring

Spring is here and don't you just want to shout, sing and give thanks for the wonderfulness God has created for us to enjoy! My garden is in an explosion of colour, flower and fragrance. Of course all the sweet little birds come in droves. The other day whilst out in my garden I heard the most amazing bird call- loud and clear and several almost talking to eachother. I tried to track them down and some may not know my back garden is quite jungle like in places- there dancing in my olive tree were three of the most delightful creatures. Singing and dancing to eachother perhaps as a way to attract a mate. I was able to capture one as it sang its song. If anyone knows what type of bird this is let me know! My only regret is I couldn't record the song so you could here it too.xx Corrina.

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